Your Words Are Not Worthless

We sometimes don’t say what we think or what we feel, it maybe because we don’t want a confrontation, or we don’t want to annoy or upset someone, or it could be that we just don’t see the point. It’s up to us what we choose to say and choose to share. Whatever it is we have to say, whenever we think it’s pointless or worthless we are really just thinking that about ourselves. We are not worthless, our words are not worthless. We are valid, our feelings, thoughts and words are all valid. How will someone know how we feel unless we tell them? Sometimes it takes courage to speak up or speak out. We will need to be brave. The more bravery we practice, the easier it becomes over time. Our ideas, our thoughts, our feelings and our words are just as important as everybody elses. Your words are not worthless.

#yourwordsarenotworthless #haveyoursay #youmatter #skillsdevelopment #selfworth

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