You Will Bloom If You Take The Time To Water Yourself

We spend a lot of time cultivating everything else. Our families, our jobs, our friends, our hobbies. We tend to them, we prioritise them, we make the time for them. When we don’t take the time for ourselves, our self-care, our rest or our health we won’t bloom. We, through a lack of real effort stay alive, we may even grow but we will not truly thrive or bloom when we don’t take the time and water ourselves and give us what we really need.

When we become the priority life gets better. We feel better, we get better and have more energy and ability to help or support others. We are not pouring from an empty cup, our cup becomes overflowing. When we feel out of sorts, when we feel discomfort or discord there is a reason. Our life is communicating to us. Get curious, it is likely we are not taking the time we need to nurture ourselves. Action needs to be taken. What is it we need? What can we do to feel better? Time always seems to be an objection, a reason and an excuse for many to not look after themselves. We all have the exact same about of time in a day, we all just choose to prioritise it differently. When we don’t prioritise wellness, illness eventually becomes the priority. This illness whether an ailment or something more chronic can force us to review our priorities when we do not consciously do that for ourselves. You will bloom if you take the time to water yourself.

#selfcare #lookafteryourselfbeforeothers #wearethepriority

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