You Will Annoy Some People When You Start Doing What Is Best For You

Even those closest to us won’t always understand when we make different choices. Many people will wish us and will want us to do well, to improve and to get better. But many of those people won’t want that to be better than them. What is best for us can unsettle others, if we decide to make better choices it can make others want to defend their choices or deny our new choices so they can feel better about themselves. Not everyone will be supportive. Not everyone that appears supportive will be being authentic. The more we love the choices we make, the less we need others to approve of them. If something is going to make us feel better, get better or do better we should do it. It won’t always be what other people want for you, which is more a reflection of them than it is anything to do with you. You do you, let them do them. You will annoy some people when you start doing what is best for you.

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