You Have ONE Life & No One Knows How Long It Will Be

If you knew you had a week left of your life would you do anything differently tomorrow that what you had planned? If you knew you only had a year left of your life, would you do anything differently this week or next week than what you had planned?

If you knew your life was limited would you want to feel better for the remainder of it? If you knew your life was limited would you want to spend the rest of it happier than you are now? Life is limited and we may not get any extra time. The choices we make can impact on the amount time we have, they can impact on the quality of the time we have and they can impact on how we feel during that time. When we make better choices we get better lives, when we prioritise all aspects of our health we prioritise how we feel and how much time we have to live those lives. You have ONE life and no one knows how long it will be.

#makegoodchoices #healthiswealth #dontwastetime

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