You Failed, Congratulations!

Most People Don’t Even Try. Failure is the core ingredient of success. We spend so much time avoiding failure we end up avoiding success because of it. Failures teach us, we learn what not to do which is as important as learning what to do. We avoid failure because we see it as a bad thing, we see it as a negative. We somehow find it embarrassing or shameful. We can normalise failure as a part of our growth, we can learn to celebrate what went wrong as much as what went right. We can own our failures and use them as teachings, for ourselves or others. We can be as proud of them as we are of our successes. Failures and successes are both achievements. Achievements because we tried something, we cannot achieve something if we don’t even attempt it. When we share our failures with others we learn how others have failed too, we aren’t ever alone in failure. Inaction is much more common that failure which is why we don’t succeed as much as we would like to. Make a start, be happy that you failed as much as you are happy when you succeed, you started, you tired, you failed, congratulations!

#failure #success #beproudofyourfailures

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