You Can’t Start A New Chapter If You Keep Re-Reading The Last One

There are many reasons to re-read a chapter or part of a book, maybe it was really good and we want to experience it again, maybe our mind wondered and we didn’t take it in, maybe we didn’t quite understand it or it didn’t make sense to us. This is much the same as in life. We often go back over situations and circumstances and re-read them, sometimes over and over. It doesn’t change what happened in the chapter, as much as we might want it to. To continue on with the book, the story and our life, we need to start the next chapter. It’s sometimes challenging when the last chapter is playing on our minds, awareness and acceptance of the story so far can help us leave it where it needs to be. Completed. In the past. As we get into the new chapter and focus on what is happening in that one, what has happened starts to fade to memory, a place of reference not a place of residence. You can’t start a new chapter if you keep re-reading the last one.

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