You Can’t Offset 10 Hours Worth Of Sitting With a 1 Hour Workout

It’s important to understand that we all need daily movement aswell as our weekly weekly amounts of exercise. We cannot out train a sedentary lifestyle. Walking is a little thing that can make us all feel a lot better. 10k steps be day is a great goal to aspire to. Something to work towards, achieve and maintain. This step count will make us feel better, it aids in weight management, it helps us sleep better, it can change our lives.

Effective exercise is made up of 3 main components. Flexibility & mobility exercise; Cardiovascular exercise and resistance exercise. Daily full body stretching works for our flexibility and mobility. Ideally we would also get 175 minutes per week of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise (an elevated heartrate exercise with an exertion somewhere between a very fast walk and a slow jog). This could be 35 minutes a day 5 days per week or 30 minutes a day for 6 days per week. For the more experienced exerciser 75 minutes of higher intensity cardiovascular exercise can replace the 175 minutes of moderate intensity. This exertion would be between a run and a sprint and can be split into 25 minutes a day over 3 days or 4 days at 20 minutes per day to suit your schedule. Resistance exercise, which is exercise with some type of resistance, (free weights, machines or body weight) is the final and equally important part of effective exercise. We all need at least three full body workouts each week to maintain our muscle mass and contribute to our overall physical health and fitness. Movement, or our daily steps is best in addition to our exercise. You can’t offset 10 hours worth of sitting with a 1 hour workout.

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