You Can’t Heal If You Keep Pretending Not To Be Hurt

‘I’m fine’, ‘I’m Ok’, ‘I’m good thanks’. That’s often what we say to others and what we say to ourselves. It’s our cover story, what we project to hide the anxiety, the worry, the void the discomfort or discord we feel inside. We just go drinking, we smoke, we comfort with food, we procrastinate, we post for attention, we are promiscuous, we shop, we gamble, we change what we look like. We do any number of things in the hope to feel better, to fill a hole, to not feel like we feel. We often don’t even realise what we are doing. We don’t know why we are doing it. It goes on for months and years, where one coping mechanism replaces another. We stay in a loop making the same mistakes over and over. We have the same relationships over and over, the same work or family issues over and over. We pretend we aren’t hurt, we pretend we don’t need to fix a problem, we pretend we don’t need to heal. Pretending is the same as not knowing. Deep down we do know, we just choose to ignore it, suppress it or deny it. Most of us have shadows, have some darkness, have some issues, have some shame and have some trauma. It doesn’t just disappear, it stays with us until we deal with it. You can’t heal if you pretend not to be hurt.

#canthealifyoupretendnottobehurt #healing #weallhaveissues

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