You Can’t Change The People Around You, But You Can Change The People Around You

People are people, some are kind some are unkind. Some are helpful, some are unhelpful. Some are open, some are closed. Whoever it is around you, whoever it is you already know and whoever it is you’re about to meet, you can’t change them. They are who they are, we can accept them or not. The only way a person can change is if they change themselves. Whatever expectation you have of others will lead to an equal level of disappointment. We will forever be disappointed if we expect people to think, act and behave the way we do. What we can do is change the people we have around us. We don’t have to be immersed in negativity, we don’t have to engage in gossiping, complaining and blaming. It’s up to us to monitor and manage the mental fuel we consume, this includes people. You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.

#youcantchangepeople #youcanchangepeople #itsuptoyou

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