You Can’t Change People

As much as we would like to it is simply not possible to change another person. We can try and influence, we can try and inspire we can try and communicate. We can support, we can help but we cannot change. The only person we can change is ourselves. If there is anything about another person that we would like or expect to be different or to change, we will likely become disappointed. Real acceptance for people as they are, encouraging people to be themselves and being authentic and showing up as our true selves is all we can do. Some people we will connect with, some people we will be drawn to, some people we won’t vibe with and some we will not want to be around. This is natural and part of the human experience. Not wanting someone else to be different, act different or think different and allowing them to just be them is growth. You can’t change people.

#youcantchangepeople #peoplearepeople #ittakesallkinds

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