You Can’t Be Bitter & Expect Your Life To Be Sweet

Life has its share of difficult times and challenge. We all suffer due to different circumstances and scenarios. Suffering can’t be compared, it’s the same but different to everyone. Whilst we want to and tend to compare, thinking someone has it better or worse that we do; Not only is this unhelpful suffering feels the same, not matter what the circumstance. If we see someone suffer, we may not have experienced that exact same scenario but we know what it is like to suffer and we know what it is like to experience pain. The experience or suffering and pain whilst the same for all of us (just in different circumstances) can’t be avoided or changed. What can be changed, what can be different for each of us is our reaction to the suffering and actions from the pain. We can be a victim or a survivor or we can become bitter or we can become better. We all want a good life. We want a happy life. Bad things will happen. Unhappy times will be a part of our lives. We can’t control these parts of the human experience. How we choose to react to it is what we can control. You can’t be bitter and expect your life to be sweet.

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