You Can Start Late, Be Unsure, Start Again & Try & Fail & Still Succeed

There are many reasons we give ourselves not to do something. We think it’s too late to make a start, we think we are too old or too young, or in the wrong place and time, or we just aren’t sure if we should or we shouldn’t. We can be all of these things and still achieve anything if we just make a start, if we just make the decision to try, if we just put in some time and some effort. The excuses and reasons we tell ourselves can most times be reduced to a simple fear of failing. Failing is going to happen, it’s the only route to succeeding so we could just do it anyway. We need to try and fail and try again. It’s how we learn what works and what doesn’t. That is what practice is. You can be late, be unsure, start again and try and fail AND still succeed.

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