You Can Speak 1000 Words & Some People Still Won’t Understand You...

Some people get us. Some people don’t. Some people we are drawn to, some people we are repelled by. Some people make us feel very comfortable, some people make us feel uncomfortable. Some people we feel like we have known forever, some people we feel like we have never met before. We won’t always be able to be understood, we won’t always be able to understand someone else. No matter how open to connection we can be, sometimes we are unable to connect. There isn’t a reason why, there isn’t an answer to that question, sometimes it just is that way. We can be attracted to someone and still speak a different language. We can not be attracted to someone and speak exactly the same language. We can go to therapy, read all the books and blogs, consult with specialists and experts and learn the best communication skills; There will still be people who don't understand us and relationships that don't work. You can speak 1000 words and some people still won’t understand you, then there are people that understand you without speaking a single word.

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