You Can Get Used To It

‘I don’t like the taste of water’

‘I don’t really like vegetables’

‘I can’t eat breakfast’

‘I don’t like exercise’

‘I can’t meditate’

Not many people liked the taste of coffee or alcohol when they first tasted it, but they got used to it, they grew to like how it made them feel the ‘benefits’ of the substances helped. We can also get used to the taste of water, plants and vegetables and any other beneficial foods and fuel. It takes some practice, but it is possible. Much like we get used to the commute to work, or the trips to the doctor or dentist they are not always enjoyable uses of our time, but we get used to them. Exercise is the same. When we try anything new, whether it be meditation or journaling or any other skill we expect to be good at it straight away. We sometimes forget that new skills take time to develop, we are so used to instant action we have become much more impatient. The irony of patience being developed by being able to clear the mind though meditation but needing patience to practice meditation it isn’t lost on me or you I am sure. But we have to start somewhere, you will get used to it. Lot’s of things that are not good for us we didn’t start off ‘liking’ but we grew to ‘like’ them. Lot’s of things that are good for us sometimes we don’t ‘like’ but it is possible to grow to ‘like’ them. It takes the decision to try, it takes some practice and it takes some effort. You can get used to it.

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