You Are Not Required To Set Yourself On Fire To Keep Other People Warm

Sometimes we want something so badly we ignore our boundaries, we ignore our knowledge and we ignore our experiences. Sometimes we think sacrifice is actually compromise, when it is just that, a sacrifice. A sacrifice of our needs, feelings and priority. We are not responsible for the feelings and happiness of others, only for the feelings and happiness of ourselves. We cannot change other people, it’s hard enough to change ourselves. We can’t be someone else’s cheerleader if we are not shouting for ourselves the loudest and as the priority. We can’t pour from empty cups. Our energy and our wellbeing is what helps us feel good. The answer is within us, not outside of us. If we don’t feel good, it’s up to us to nurture and nourish us. This is increasingly difficult to do when we are trying to nurture and nourish others. You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.

#selfworth #knowyourworth #yourethepriority #notthem #nourishyourself

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