Why Worry

We all worry sometimes, it’s a natural emotion. For some of us it is fleeting, for some of us it is much more prolonged. It is possible to reduce worry, it is possible to interrupt it. Worry is just a collection of our thoughts, it’s not reality. Sometimes worry is a sign we need to take some action, maybe we could turn it into an opportunity? When we worry we are suffering at least once (in our minds), maybe twice (in our minds and again in reality if what we are worrying about actually happens) when we potentially needn’t have suffered at all. Worry is using our imagination to create something we don’t want. We are suffering from something that hasn’t happened and may not happen. Even when bad things happen, which they do it’s part of being human; When we have worried about them, they are often never quite as bad as we imagined. Assuming the best will happen doesn’t change the outcome either, but it makes our minds a more pleasant place to live. The only thing worry affects is your health. Even though we can understand this, for some of us we can and still will worry. So what we can do is be reminded of the above and keep asking ourselves why worry?

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