Why We Don’t Address It

Sometimes, many times we don’t address something or someone because it’s uncomfortable. We let people cross our boundaries and say nothing. We expected better so we become disappointed. We didn’t promote our boundaries so we become resentful. I have often thought about why I do this. Why do we do this? I have learned to understand it is because we are valuing what other people may think about us above what we know about us. We don’t address something because another person might think we are ‘difficult’ ‘needy’ ‘annoying’ or any other number of adjectives. We don’t want to come across as something that we are not. Simply put it doesn’t matter if the other person thinks we are anything, it’s what we believe about ourselves that is what matters. Whether it is asking for what we actually want, it’s being honest with a friend and disagreeing with them, sending food back we didn’t order or isn’t right, telling your hairstylist you don’t like your hair or whatever else it is we can learn to say it, we can learn to address it. We don’t need to be concerned with what someone else may think about us, we can learn to be only concerned about what we know about ourselves. Ask yourself, why don’t I address it?

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