Why Can’t I? Why Not Me?

We can spend a lot of time thinking why even try? This and that and they and them are better than me, more fortunate than me, have more help than me. I’ll never be that successful, I’ll never get to that point, I don’t have this or that. Stop. Why not though? Why can’t it happen to you? When we start to believe anything is possible, anything becomes possible. Even when we may think it is unlikely it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

When we stop being inspired or admiring someone and it turns to comparison and doubting it’s time to stop, remove, unfollow, mute. When we learn to stop comparing ourselves to others life gets better. It’s never apples for apples. We are often comparing our chapter one with someone else’s chapter 20. It’s not a fair comparison, the only fair comparison is comparing ourselves to our past selves. Where are we and who are we compared to yesterday, last week, last month or last year. Small progress is progress, huge progress is progress. Progress is progress. Why can’t you? Why not you? Why can’t I? Why not me?

#believeit #whynot #cutoutcomparison

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