Who’s Happy For You When You’re Happy?

People are interesting. The more work you do the more you become an observer. An observer of yourself and how you feel, think and act and an observer of others in how the act or behave. When we are happy, when we have accomplished something or when we have got to a good place for whatever reason who is happy for us? Who is genuinely happy that we are happy? When you notice someone is in a good place and are content, joyous, happy how does that make you feel? Are you happy for someone else genuinely because they are happy? Or does your mind wander to... ‘It’s easier for him/her because…’ or ‘They don’t have this/that to deal with’ or ‘Just wait till X, Y, Z…’ or any other number of thoughts that undermine the happiness or joy being presented. When this happens we can get curious. Why do we do that? Why am I doing that? Happiness is often a choice, it’s a choice on how we respond to our circumstances. When we are used to making different decisions, not accepting what is happened or happening and wanting it to be different; Or not making the best of what we have, life isn’t as good as it could be. We can train our minds to think differently, we don’t have to pick apart someone else’s joy in our minds. We can interrupt the thoughts and choose to be supportive and cheerful and be genuine about it. This is good practice for our own minds. When something happens that is not ideal, or when we have accomplished something and we still don’t feel how we want to we can stop. We can accept, we can let go and decide we are now happy with the outcome. Over time, with practice it works. When someone isn’t happy for you when you are happy, it is always about them, it’s not about you. When you place yourself in their position it’s easier to understand and accept. Knowing how challenging it can be to be happy for yourself helps us understand the behaviour of others. We are the source of our own happiness, others can add to it, but they cannot be the source of it. It’s up to us. Who’s happy for you when you’re happy?

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