When We Realise Others Achievement & Success Takes Nothing Away From Our Potential...

Comparison with anyone other than an earlier version of ourselves is a short cut to unhappiness. There will always be someone we perceive as doing better, getting better, or being luckier. The only worthwhile comparison is how are we doing compared to yesterday, last week, last month or last year. If we have made progress, if we have learned, if we have grown – there are reasons to celebrate. When others do well, we can cheer them on, we can congratulate them. It takes nothing from our own achievements or our own potential to do it. It’s easy to scroll past, to not acknowledge in a conversation, to not reach out to someone when they are succeeding. Why do we do that? Achievement and success are not finite resources, there is more than enough for everyone. Congratulate and celebrate not only yourself but the others around you, they will appreciate it, like you would in the same position. When we realise others achievement and success takes nothing away from our own potential to achieve or succeed, life gets better.

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