When We Focus On The Hurt We Suffer, When We Focus On The Lesson We Grow

Whenever we are hurt, disappointed, let down or devastated there is always an element of suffering. When we are ready to apply perspective we can ask ourselves ‘What is this here to teach me?’ Every hurt can heal, every disappointment can fade and out of any sort of destruction can come creation. It may be a lesson in patience, it may be a lesson in resilience or acceptance. Whatever happens there will be some learning to gain and some strength to build from it. Focussing on the hurt adds to our suffering. We will feel all of the emotions related to the hurt, which is natural and part of healing. When we try not to feel, or we numb with substances or ignore the feelings they take much longer to pass. If we accept we are hurt, we feel the feelings we feel and let them pass though us we can move forward in the process and apply some perspective. When we focus on the hurt we suffer, when we focus on the lesson we grow.

#focusonthelesson #letthehurtpass #whatisthisheretoteachme

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