When Things Change Inside You, Things Change Around You

When you look within and work within, the way you look out changes, your outside appears and/or becomes different. When we work on our resilience, our response to challenge becomes easier (and life gets better). When we work on our gratitude, we gain more of what we have (and life gets better). When we work on our patience, things come to us quicker (and life gets better). When we work on our habits, we achieve more results (and life gets better). Whatever it is we are looking for outside of ourselves, the answers are always within. If we want to change what is around us, the way to do this is to change what is within us. Our internal thoughts, ideas, skills and habits form our external reality. If there is anything at all we want to change in our worlds, we need to start by looking within. When things change inside you, things change around you.

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