When Bad Things Happen Don’t Close The Book, Just Turn The Page

If you got a flat tyre, would you go and slash the other three tyres? No, you wouldn’t. Sometimes in life bad things happen, we hit obstacles, we face setbacks, we slip up, we fall. If you eat a cookie, that’s ok. Just don’t eat the whole packet. If you smoke the cigarette, that’s ok. Just don’t smoke the whole packet. When we are working towards a goal or developing a new habit, we won’t do things perfectly, we don’t need to. There will be times we f*ck up. Know that the f*ck up is a flat tyre, not a reason (or an excuse) to write off the car. Bad things, challenges, obstacles, slip ups: These are expected parts of any journey. Accept them overcome them and just keep going. When bad things happen don’t close the book, just turn the page.

#badthingshappen #justturnthepage #dontclosethebook

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