Whatever You Feel The Biggest Resistance To Offers You The Biggest Amount Of Growth

On our journey of development and growth we will often resist change and come across mental barriers in our minds of how we can’t or won’t do something. The procrastination, the self-sabotage, the not trying – all of these internal ways of resisting what we face are natural and common. We often prefer to live in discomfort than to feel the discomfort of leaving our own current comfort zones. The bigger the resistance, the bigger the opportunity to grow and develop. The only antidote to this resistance or fear is action. Just do it. Knowing it doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be right, it just needs to be done. Sometimes we just need to be brave, we just need to make the decision to start. Every achievement, every success and every action no matter how big or how small all start with one thing: The decision to try. Allow yourself time to be a beginner, know that you may fall, know that you will get back up again. Keep going, keep trying, keep practising. Whatever you feel the biggest resistance to offers you the biggest amount of growth.

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