What You Say & Think For Another... You Attract The Same For You

We experience growth when we lessen or remove that want of ill will towards others. It is easy to sit in judgement of anything or anyone for any reason and want/hope/wish for some sort of retribution, punishment or pain. When we feel irritation, upset or discomfort and we are unable to sit with these feelings and feel them we discharge them. We discharge these feelings through judgement, blaming & complaining. Everyone else’s behaviour is only ever about them, what they think and say and do is about them. When we judge, when we blame, when we complain, these judgements, this blaming and complaining comes back to us, and we get more pain to deal with. When we start to understand that most people are doing the best they can with the values, emotional intelligence, skills and experiences they have at the time, life gets better. What some people do is inexcusable, it is unacceptable. We can uphold our boundaries, we can hold people accountable, without the judgement, or wishing of any ill will. Unkind people need the most kindness. Hurt people, hurt other people. Wish someone well. Wish someone love=. Wish someone healing. Wish someone peace. What you say and think for another, you attract the same for you.

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