What You Do Not Deal With Deals With You. Always.

We all like to ignore issues both big and small. We like sweep them under the rug and bury them at the back of our minds. We like to numb them with alcohol, food or other substances or unhealthy actions. We procrastinate. We delay. We Deny. When we don’t address and deal with problems, issues, concerns or worries they don’t go away, they stay with us and can manifest in many ways. They can develop into anxiety, overthinking, worry and any other feelings of stress. Facing up to, accepting and tackling any issue or problem is uncomfortable. Whenever we feel discomfort we are growing, whenever we are brave we are building confidence and mental strength. We often will avoid sixty seconds of discomfort of a difficult conversation and then have days of resentment or regret afterwards for not having it. There is always a consequence to any action or inaction. Not addressing something will have a consequence that can often be worse than addressing it to begin with. It takes practice and is a mental skill that when cultivated, makes life better. Show up, be brave, say what you need to say, do what you can to resolve. The antidote to the anxiety if the situation is often action. Whatever we do not deal with deals with you, always.

#dealwithit #takeaction #whileyoudelayyoustay

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