What We Allow Is What Will Continue

Whether it be an unhealthy situation, habit or relationship; What we allow is what will continue. Having boundaries, knowing who we are and being honest with ourselves about our limits and tolerance is what protects us, what can move us onto a better, healthier path. When we allow ourselves or others to do things that are not good for us it becomes a choice when we don’t change it. Whatever we are not changing, we are choosing. The only thing worse than letting something bad happen for a month is to let it happen for a month and a day. Change can be scary and uncomfortable. We need to be brave to change. We will often live in discomfort rather than feel discomfort. By being brave, making some decisions and having that conversation with yourself or the person we need to, we are making a start and taking a step forward into change. That short amount of time in discomfort may make you a whole lot more comfortable. What we allow is what will continue.

#whatweallow #iswhatwillcontinue #speakup

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