What Was Right Before Might Not Be Right Now

We make decisions and have plans and goals based on what we want, need or believe at the time. Sometimes, many times things change. We learn something new, we gain a new perspective or we have just reflected and just changed our minds. We have the ability to change our minds and don’t have to explain why. What was right for us before might not be right anymore. Sometimes we continue on the path we are on even after we realise it is no longer the right path because we have concerns about the thoughts of others or the potential impact on others if we change our direction. What you think and know is more important that what others may think and may think they know about you. Our lives are our lives, no one can live them for us. We are responsible for what we decide to do, not all people and their opinions will be supportive. That’s ok, we may also not support or agree with other people’s decisions and directions; But have to let people live and lead their lives how they want and choose to do. ‘I’ve changed my mind’ is enough, you are enough. What was right before might not be right now.

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