What Triggers Us Teaches Us & Changes Our Trajectory

There are times in our lives we are triggered, we are reminded of a trauma and have an intense emotional or physical reaction to a person, situation or circumstance. It is at these most traumatic of times that we can be taught the most. Being triggered reveals and opens old wounds, wounds that haven’t been healed and gives us the opportunity to address them. An opportunity to do the work we need to not be triggered again. As uncomfortable as it is, it can change our life, it can change our trajectory onto a better path, one that will lead us to becoming whole and healed. We need help with our deeper healing, it’s not something that can be done alone. Whatever therapy we need, leaning into the discomfort when all we want to do is get away from it needs a conscious choice and decision to address what we have been trying to avoid. The magic we have been looking for is in the work we have not been doing. Our triggers can be our greatest teachers and we can become grateful that they have happened. It may get harder before it gets easier, but it will get better. What triggers us teaches us and changes our trajectory.

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We all get triggered, they can be our greatest teachers, they can lead us to a path of understanding and healing. They come from hurt, from trauma, from unmet needs. The hurt itself my not have been o