What The Camera Catches

The pictures we take so often don’t do what we really see any justice. They are a pale copy for the beauty of what we have really seen. The same is in us, what the camera catches versus what is really there. We can filter a picture much like we can live with a filter in real life. The pictures we see are not the scenes of reality. They are a copy. The reflection we see is not what others see, it is a reflection of what we see. What we focus on, other people may not. What they focus on, we may not. Even when looking at the same sights, we cannot see through someone else’s eyes. What we see is personal to us. What pictures we see are not scenes or people but just pictures of what the camera catches. Show up and be seen or take a picture and be a scene. But that’s only what the camera catches.

#pictures #seen #scene #reflection #notreality

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