What’s Scarier, Changing Or Staying The Same?

Changing is uncomfortable so we tend to avoid it. We continue as we are, not moving, not growing and not changing. A lifetime is not very long. Months and years go by, we feel no better, we are no better. It may be scary to change, it may be scary to do new things but it is also scary how quickly life can go and how static we can become. Life will pass regardless of what we choose to do. Whatever we are not changing, we are choosing. If we want to feel better and get better, we need to do something different, we need to make some changes. If we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got. We could move through life and reflect with regret that we wasted time, we procrastinated, we overthought it or we cared too much what other people thought. We don’t need to risk having those regrets. Most principles to apply to improve ourselves and our health are cumulative, they are not instantaneous. They require daily effort for longer term change. The longer we delay, the longer we stay. If the time is going to pass, which it will, we can choose to use the time to move forward not stay in the same place feeling the same way. Change doesn’t have to be scary, it doesn’t even need to be significant to start. It can just be small, it can be slight. Little changes every day become bigger changes over time. If we want different, we need to become different. Old ways won’t open new doors.

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