What is your Passion?

What is your Passion?

What gives you life? What drives the light or spark in you? What gives you energy? What excites you? What inspires you? What do you do that when you’re doing it time goes by the fastest? What makes you feel powerful, happy, content or fulfilled? Whatever this is, is your passion. It is different for everyone, some of us get to have our passion as a profession, some can look to turn their passion into one. Whether it is something you can do as a hobby or a job, make it a priority to do more of it. Doing what you love surrounded by people you love and love you is what life is all about. If you don’t think you have a passion? You will, you just haven’t realised it yet. Think though the times of your life in and through what you have done and what brought you the most joy, this is a good start to realise what your passion is. What is your passion?

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