What is Self-Love?

Self -love isn’t constant self-positivity, it is self-compassion, self-accountability and self-understanding. It starts with self-acceptance and is regard for our own well-being and happiness. Loving yourself looks like: Practising self-care, taking care of your physical and mental health; Keeping promises to yourself; Speaking to yourself in an positive way; Forgiving yourself for making mistakes; Not allowing people to take advantage of you; Not allowing people/a person to come into your life that disrupt the peace you have created. It takes time, consistency and practice to achieve. We are not practicing self-love when we say we will do something and don’t do it, when we break promises to ourselves; When we put other people’s needs ahead of our own; When we engage in negative self-talk; When we cross our own boundaries for sake of others and say yes to more than we can manage; When we put in limited effort towards achieving our goals; When we participate in toxic relationships; When we Ignoring our own suffering or do anything else that self-generates stress. To foster self-love, we need to cultivate compassion, for ourselves first and then for others. We don't have to like all of ourself to love ourself. When we do not love ourselves we cannot accept love fully (or at all) from others.

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