What Is Self Esteem?

Self-esteem our own subjective evaluation of our worth. Self-esteem encompasses our beliefs about ourselves as well as our emotional states, Self-esteem refers to how we feel about ourselves overall; How much esteem, positive regard and self-love we have. It is our internal assessment of our traits (qualities, which are learned and attributes that we are born with). We can have healthy amounts of self-esteem, or unhealthy amounts. High self-esteem can result in narcissism, low self-esteem results in some or all of the following: Seeking external validation/attention; Being sensitive to criticism; Being scared to show people who we are; Valuing other people’s opinions over our own; Apologising when it is not our fault; Withdrawing from others; Not setting or maintaining boundaries out of fear of rejection; Comparing ourselves to others and struggling to make decisions.

Self-esteem does not grow from the praise of others, it comes from within us. It is built from many small achievements and progress in our daily lives. The real difficulty is to overcome how we think about ourselves. Acknowledgement that this might be a challenge for us is the first step to cultivating our self-esteem.

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