What Hypocrisy Is Not

Just because we may have done something wrong in the past doesn’t mean we can’t advocate against it now. It doesn’t make us a hypocrite, we grew. Let us not let other people use our pasts to invalidate our current mindsets. When we know better, we do better. What we learn as children, what our society and our cultures teach us is not necessarily the truth or it may not be out truth. Being open to being open minded and understanding there is more than one way to see hear or feel a situation shows maturity, it shows growth. We have all thought, done and said things we thought were ok at the time. Then we learned that those thoughts, actions and words are not ok so we stopped. When we hear others say or see them do things that are not ok we can empathise in that they just may not know any better. Ask them why, look to understand rather than we right. Look to have a discussion rather than force some education. We can all learn more, even if it is just more about an opinion we do not share.

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