We Will Always Have Problems, Just Try & Not Have The Same One Over & Over

Problems are universal, we all have them and they are all relative. What may seem small to someone may be large to someone else and what may seem large to someone may seem small to someone else. We can’t help having problems, but we can help having them again and again. Everything has a lesson, a learning and an understanding somewhere. When we fail, which is to be expected and an essential part of learning we understand how not to do something. When we keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome the problem no longer is the problem, the problem becomes us. When we solve a problem, we learn from it. We learn how to solve it, we may even learn how to prevent it. The key is in the reflection. Taking the time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t. What helped and what didn’t. It may even be as simple as acceptance. Acceptance that some problems don’t have solutions so we can let them go. We will always have problems, just try and not have the same one over and over.

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