We Spend So Much Time Shaping & Toning Our Bodies. What About MINDS?

Our physical selves are always on show. We are proud of them or we have shame about them in all or in part. Because it is what we show others we tend to spend time on shaping and toning and prioritising the body to present who we want the world to see. We generally do it to make ourselves feel good and/or to get attention or attraction. What we do less of is shaping and toning the sides of us people cannot immediately see. Our character, our personality and our integrity. We can be physically fit and healthy and be mentally unfit and unhealthy. Cultivating both our mental and physical health is essential to a happy life. What we consume mentally and physically affects our fitness and health; The exercise we do both mentally and physically affects our health. One cannot be prioritised over the other for us to live in harmony, in balance and in happiness. We spend so much time shaping and toning our bodies. What about our character? Our Personality? Our Integrity? Our Minds?

#healthisbothsidesofacoin #mentalhealthisphysicalhealth #ourbodiesandmindsmatter

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