We Don’t See What Others See

Often when we look at ourselves in the mirror or in pictures we focus on the ‘flaws’, the bits about ourselves we don’t like, that we would want to change. Rarely does anyone else notice those parts of us that we are so focused on. We don’t see what others see. Similarly someone else would be focusing on their ‘flaws’ and we wouldn’t notice them or may even think they are a beautiful feature and not a ‘flaw’ at all. We can learn to look for and celebrate non-physical attributes in ourselves and others. We can look in the mirror and not think we look tired and instead think we achieved so much yesterday and be proud of that. We can look at a picture and not think we could do with toning up and instead think how proud we are of the progress we are making. We can practice giving non-physical compliments to ourselves and others. We are more than just bodies, we are minds too. We are our features and our ‘flaws’ that is what makes us whole. We can learn to accept and love who we are whilst developing and changing what we can and want to. Some of our ‘flaws’ may not be able to be changed, though we can remind ourselves that what we see as a flaw, others may not notice at all and may even see as a feature. We don’t see what others see.

#bodyimage #selfacceptance #wedontseewhatotherssee

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