We Deserve Someone Who Isn’t Confused About How They Feel About Us

Sometimes we meet people, the interest and attraction is clear to us, but it isn’t to them. They may not be sure, so we continue with the hope of clarity. When someone is interested we will know, it will be clear. When someone isn’t interested, we will be confused. Someone’s level of effort is often a direct reflection of their level of interest. No one is busier than someone that isn’t interested, it’s all a matter of priorities. Sending a text takes 5 seconds or a quick call takes 5 minutes. We deserve someone that is as interested in us as we are in them. No one is scared of new love, it is old pain that is what is scary to us. Be clear on your intentions and gain clarity on theirs. How will someone know how you feel unless you tell them? If someone hasn’t told you how they feel, ask them. We deserve someone who isn’t confused about how they feel about us.

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