We Can’t Forget Forgiveness

Forgiveness is for us, not for who we are forgiving. The situation may not even affect them in their lives when it can consume ours. It doesn’t mean we need to forget about it, it doesn’t mean reconciliation. Forgiveness could be that we want the person to eat, just not at our table. We decide to forgive. We all have these feelings, they are universal. Forgiveness is fundamental for our happiness. It takes time, it is progressive, it takes practice. Forgiving is a releasing a frequency of hatred that only affects us, forgiveness releases pain. Forgiveness comes from within. Forgiving and letting go or releasing is a process. Somethings need to be released multiple times before we totally let them go. It takes time, patience and practice. Not forgiving keeps us in an unhealthy loop or pattern of behaviour that is unhelpful to us. It depletes, it does not serve us. We struggle with forgiveness because sometimes we are scared it justifies the pain that was caused, or we may not be ready to grieve the experience, or we are worried we will be vulnerable again.

Any resentments, any memories that jar us, any soft sport or sore points from the past are still there because they need attention. Whatever we do not transform we will transmit or transfer to others, we hold resentments and upset as pain. We can repeat what we don’t repair. We can’t forget forgiveness.

#forgiveness #letitgo #itsforyounotforthem

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