We Can’t Expect Honesty From People That Lie To Themselves

The more we grow and the more we start to observe without judgement the more rapidly we learn and understand. As we progress we gain perspective and see in others what we have learned about ourselves. We all lie or have lied. Whether that be to ourselves or others. Growing our integrity and authenticity and internal peace requires radical honesty with ourselves and then in turn other people. It takes some thought, some consideration, some bravery and some practice. When we have lived a life one way, to actively make a change into complete honesty, integrity and authenticity is challenging. What we can’t do is expect honesty from others when they are still lying to themselves, as much as others cannot expect honesty from us whilst we continue to lie to ourselves. A lie or an omission, no matter small is a crack in the glass. It’s always going to be there. We can make a new uncracked glass whenever we choose to and can protect it from our own cracks. It takes some practice, but it’s possible. We can’t expect that from others. Their behaviour, actions and words are only ever about them like our behaviour, actions and words are only ever about us. We can learn to be honest and authentic with ourselves and then with others but we cannot expect that from them, especially when they still lie to themselves.

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