We Can Heal Our Shame

An antidote to our shame could be to share it with someone we trust. Shame is like a darkness within us. We can shine a light on the dark by sharing it, asking for help, talking about it and/or writing about it. We can also get curious about ourselves. Noticing our inner dialogue, our self- talk. How often we shame ourselves and what are our 'go to' things we shame ourselves for? This helps us understand ourselves. We can practice mindfulness and observing thoughts so we can fully understand we are not our thoughts, they are just thoughts. Not all thoughts are facts. We can practise flexibility in our thinking, noticing where we tend to see things in black and white and actively think of things without areas of grey or uncertainty. Terms such as ‘always’ and ‘never’ should be substituted for ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ or ‘rarely’. Whilst we cannot change what has happened, we can change our perception of it and how it continues to affect us now. Shine light on your secrets, share with trusted confidantes, you won’t be alone in your pain or shame.

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