We Can Eat Well & We Can Exercise, But If We Don’t Work On The Fitness Of Our Minds...

Physically we can be fit, physically we can look after ourselves, physically we can help prevent ourselves becoming unwell. We generally know what we should do. This though, is only part of our overall health. When we neglect our mental health, when we don’t practice looking after minds, we are more likely to suffer from mental illness. We need to look at and understand health as a whole, a whole or two parts: physical and mental, the body and the mind. The food we consume to feed our bodies is as important as the stimulus we consume to feed our minds. The skills we practise physically to improve the fitness of our bodies are as important as the mental skills practice we need to improve the fitness of our minds. You can eat well and exercise, but if you don’t work on the fitness of your mind, you will still be unhealthy.

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