We Are The River Not The Rock: Detach

We sometimes get quite attached. Attached to how it was supposed to be. We were supposed to get a certain level of education, we were supposed to get to a certain place in our career, we were supposed to get to a certain place personally with a partner and/or children. We spend so time comparing our lives to others and the expectations of our societies and cultures that we can only ever then feel less than. When we consider that we are not the rock in the river, we are the river itself we can appreciate our life and any expectations we have had of it are fluid. The are not static. Things change, expectations, attachments and life, all change. Nothing stays still, we don’t stay still. We can detach from these expectations, whether they be the ones we put on ourselves, the ones from our families, our cultures and society. We are not what is or was expected of us. When we release these expectations, when we learn to detach, life gets better. It’s difficult to learn who we are when we keep telling ourselves who we or others think we should have been or should be. Let’s stop ‘shoulding’ on ourselves. We are the river, not the rock. Detach.

#detach #wearetherivernottherock #expectationsarenotreality.

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