We Are Not All In The Same Boat, But We Are In The Same Storm

It is helpful to consider what boat we have to ride out the storm of life. The boat being the collective of our pasts, our knowledge, our skills, our experiences and the opportunities we have been given. Not everyone has the upbringing we have had; not everyone has learned what we have learned; Not everyone has developed the same skills as us; Not everyone has has the same experiences we have had; Not everyone has been given the opportunities we have been given. So our boats are all different. Some boats are more robust than others, some boats take the storms of life with ease and weather the storms of life well and then there are some that do not. We are not all in the same boat, our boats are all very different. We are however in the same storm just trying to stay afloat, trying to make our way in life. Everyone is doing their best with the boat they have. If we have a bigger, more able or more robust boat we might want to consider the assistance or help we can give to those in smaller, less storm worthy boats. If we were in that less able boat, I am sure we would appreciate the support. We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm.

#privilege #wedontallgetthesameboat #weareallinthesamestorm

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