We All Need Healing

Feeling better isn’t a fix, it’s healing. It’s also continuous and dynamic it’s not static. It isn’t linear either. Healing is progress and it’s a process. Relapses happen, it is part of the process and it’s ok. Healing is transformation. It is the awareness that something needs to change; It is the responsibility ‘It is up to me to create my reality’; It is the forgiveness ‘releasing any shame or blame’ and it is the peace of feeling safe in who we really are. Sometimes we keep changing jobs, places, partners or people in our lives to avoid changing ourselves. There are times we can only make one type of change at a time. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. When we slip up, we can get back on track. Healing comes from and through the understanding of ourselves. When something hurts, we need to pay attention. Life is trying to teach us something. Healing doesn’t eliminate the hard moments in life, it changes how we handle them. The start of our healing sometimes starts with a breakdown, experiencing our lowest and/or having a painful awakening or realisation. We either extend love or project fear, extending love is the way out of our pain. If the word love makes us wince we are still living in fear. We can be happy healing and hurting at the same time, it is possible. Assuming it is our job to fix, change or heal other people says a lot more about our needs than it does about theirs. As we heal we resist the tendency to erase our needs, feelings and voice in service of others. It is then that we start to show up authentically. When we start to heal we will see our triggers as teachers, we will notice our mind creates stories and thoughts are just thoughts, not facts. We will become more patient and more kind with ourselves, we will take other people’s behaviour towards us less personally and start letting go of things that no longer serve us. Our focus changes from the outside world to our inside world. The well known chaos, drama, judgement and personalisation of the current world may then start to feel exhausting, irritating and/or childish to us. Emotions are no longer seen as the enemy and we allow ourselves to experience and feel whatever is alive in us without judgement and we make space to grieve. There is a greater awareness and emphasis on self-care and self-love. Our old unhealthy coping mechanisms, beliefs and habits and maybe even some friends and family will disappear. We will start to live more true to who we really are. We are not alone, we all need healing.

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