We All Drink Lies When Our Hearts Are Thirsty

It’s a beautiful through tragic part of some of us that we need to see and find the best in people. When we only choose to see the best in other’s and we refuse to see the flaws as part of that reality we are much more likely to hurt. Everyone is flawed, we are flawed. Not everyone is all qualities, we are not all qualities. People will always show us who they are, we need to believe them. There are always signs, many we choose to ignore. When we struggle with our self-worth, when we struggle with how we feel about ourselves it’s easy to want to fill that void we feel with the attention and focus of others. When we do this, not only with the void never be fulfilled, we become or remain reliant on others for how we feel about ourselves. This doesn’t end well for us. The answers we look for in others are always within ourselves. When we feel a void we naturally look outside to pull to within. That void doesn’t belong to anyone else, it’ belongs to us. When we have that thirst, we will drink almost anything. The nourishment we need, we already have we just need to tap into the supply. We all drink lies when our hearts are thirsty.

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