Unhealthy Coping Mechanism: Materialism & Overspending

When we feel less than, when we feel a lack, when we feel stress, when we want to distract some of us like to buy things. Unfortunately no amount of stuff will make us feel better or happier. The initial high of a new bag or new car fades. Yes, it is nice to have nice things, but they don’t and won’t fulfil us. When we are pursuing more stuff, we are looking to fill a void. Materialism is often felt as an antidote to loss or lack. We are in the materialism trap when we think ‘When I have more X I will be happy’ the more we acquire, the more we want. It doesn’t end. The things we acquire or want won't love us back, even when we attach meaning to the material. None of it matters, at all. What does matter is how we feel about ourselves and others. Buying stuff to impress other people says a lot about us, we should get curious about why that is and look to address it. If our needs are external validation they will forever remain unfulfilled. The goal is to internally validate ourselves. When we learn to fill our own well, we become less thirsty. We don’t have to buy stuff we don’t need to feel better. It is healthy to live beneath our means.

#overspending #materialism #validation