Unfortunate Truth: How Our Lives Look Is Now More Important Than How They Feel

This is the unfortunate reality of modern day. We have become more focused on and prioritise how our lives look ahead of how they feel. How we present our lives and how other people see them is the focus, not how we really feel to us. We spend money we don’t have to somehow impress people we don’t know. We edit and curate our lives to show snippets of perfection and staged happiness. We don’t show everything, we don’t present the imperfect no matter how we feel. We can put a filter on a picture and we can edit how something looks, we can’t filter our feelings to edit how we feel. The realer we become, the lighter we can become. The more authentic we are, the less anxious we can become. When we really are who we are, we do what we really love and we say what we really think. All without filters, edits and apologies that is freedom. When we start to live our lives to feel fulfilled instead of looking fulfilled life gets immeasurably better. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, it takes some radical honesty with ourselves. It is the unfortunate truth… how our lives look is now more important than how they feel.

#havealookayourself #whatreallymatters #letsstopfiltering

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