Understanding Emotional Neglect

Some of us were emotionally neglected as children, it doesn’t make our parents bad people, they were likely doing their best with the skills that they had. Unfortunately some of us did not get what we needed emotionally as children and that manifests itself in our adult lives in how we act and how feel, especially about ourselves.. Fortunately we can learn to understand and we can heal, we can make it better, we can feel better.

You may have been emotionally neglected if you don’t think you deserve to speak your needs, if you ignore your needs and caretake others or if you aren’t sure what you need or how you feel. You could also look to others to determine how you feel and you may avoid conflict and difficult emotions at all costs. It’s a difficult thing to acknowledge and understand but it is possible to. When we understand something it becomes easy to accept, when we are able to accept something we can look to change it, or our perception of it. When we change, we grow, we get better. You can get better.

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